Will Google Go Gaga At Your 10 Year Domain Registration?

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This was a question recently raised at one of our Business Web Marketing Training events.  Basically, if you buy and register a domain name for 10 years will you get massive SEO benefits.

Fortunately the answer is no. You don’t need to lash out to buy a domain name for 10 years. The optimum length of time is 2 years, but if you can’t afford that straight off then just go for the 1 and renew every year.

The relationship between you and google only gets off the ground when you are blogging, using that domain name, geting traffic, activity, visitors and it’s dynamic.

Only then does google start to give preferential treatment – all other things being equal – to domain names with a longer renewal date.

Until you have your domain name to that point – you are spending money you may not have if you are just starting out in internet marketing.

Plus – you need to buy multiple domain names in the beginning – and you don’t want to keep laying out $100 for each one of them – unless money is not an issue.

You would be better off investing in 10 great domain names for 1 year that drive traffic as landing pages with different keywords than buying just the one domain name which is registered up front for 10 years.

To clarify, 2 years is ideal but if funds are tight then just the 1 year will do just fine. If you have loads of money then go for 5 years.

Your domain namesare your real estate on the internet so go broad.

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