Limiting Beliefs – Who’s YOUR Secret Saboteur?

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Just the other day I was talking to a group of MLM entrepreneurs and one of the questions was, “What is the most important thing you can do to move your business forward?”

There wasn’t a single word answer to this one and I spent a few minutes outlining what I believed were the two key disciplines, or states of mind, which you need to master before rip roaring success can come your way.

One of these is your limiting beliefs. Let me explain.

Do you remember being at school and struggling with a subject – Mathematics for example. I’m prepared to gamble that you didn’t believe you were very good at the it.  Is it hard to put in the time and effort for homework and exams when, deep down, you don’t think you have the brains to do well anyway? It’s more than hard, it’s almost impossible and what tends to happen is a drip feed of petty distractions. You sit down to revise and the chair’s too hard; you need a drink; you just have to wipe down the skirting boards….yadda yadda. Your conscious mind is saying – ‘for goodness sake sit down and get on with it or you wont pass,‘ whilst your sub-conscious is whining away with a ‘what’s the point if you’re crap at the subject – it doesn’t matter how much work you amoxil online do, it won’t make any difference, so you might as well not bother.’ And your sub-conscious is only looking out for you.  It’s trying to save you from wasting time, being disappointed and feeling like a failure.

This is a limiting belief at work. The belief is that you’re crap at maths; the limitation comes in because you’re acting on that belief  and not getting the work done.

Fine you may say – so I’ll sort it out. However, it doesn’t work like that because for most of the time these beliefs are hidden to us. Often they implanted themselves like a little parasitic marauder during our childhood, and they sit there quietly like a cyst. Implantation can happen as easily as this…

You’re five years old and sitting with your family in the den listening to the adults droning conversation, when Uncle Colin (bless him) proclaims that no-one in the family has ever been any good at maths because they are more creative. Job done. The limiting belief that no-one in the family can do maths, and therefore neither can I, is installed, embedded and ready for action as soon as you make an attempt to prove it wrong.

And what about those limiting beliefs we hold about money and success. Here’re a few examples…

It’s difficult having lots of money because your friends will be jealous.

Climbing the corporate ladder will mean extra responsibility which will mean complicated work.

The system (MLM) doesn’t work and no one will buy my products no matter what I do.

If you want to create long term and persistent improvement in your circumstances and business success, then you need to unpick and change your limiting beliefs.

And the second key to success? Well, that’s all about fear and there will be more about that on the way.

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