Web Copy Critique

Have you already got a web site, sales page or landing page that just isn’t doing what you hoped?  Are you feeling you should chuck it out and start again?

How To Get More Sales, More Leads, More Of Whatever You Want From Your Web Site And Without Starting From Scratch

This is what you get with a Copy Critique for your website.  Your web copy and graphics dissected intuitively using probing techniques to drill right down into what your reader truly wants.

  • Would you like to know what words you can weave into your copy to make it really hit home for  your reader?
  • How about taking out unnecessary words which take up selling space but don’t earn their keep?
  • How interesting would it be to know if your graphics are actually turning customers away?

You will find out about Internal Representations and how to make sure your graphics are pulling customers in and not pushing them away from you and onto your competitors.

This is a snippet of my story that got me started reviewing websites.  A friend of mine had built a web site and because he’d been doing it professionally from the technical side for absolutely ages, he really expected to start pulling in prospects when he put his site together and got a campaign up and running on google adwords. The site was technically great so why wouldn’t it pull in the prospects? But it didn’t.

They were clicking through – in small numbers because this was a really tiny campaign but the conversion rate was Zero. People were landing on it – and that was costing cash on pay per click – but they just weren’t following through. The lead generation just wasn’t happening and all the time the adwords bill was creeping up.

My experience as a copywriter was growing and I offered to help.  Because I was only just starting out back then it took me while to work out what could be going wrong and how to put it right.

Zero To A 25% Conversion Rate With 3 Fast Word Twists

For the proof after you have finished reading through you can carry on to the pictures and see it happening in action.  First off is the 0% conversion rate that’s making nothing but costing cash in click throughs. And then the 3 copy twists and the conversion rate rockets to 25% on the first new day and 7.24% average over the next 4 months.

Now lets talk about CASH.  The conversion rate here went from £8.90 to £1.64 – not bad considering the average cost for a lead in this industry is £2.50!

Whatever result you are expecting from your website this review will get you there.  Please understand, I am not going to be promising you a definite conversion rate – that’s impossible.  I’m not in control of your marketing, advertising or pay per click campaign – you are.  This is about making sure, being certain that your web words, graphics, landing and sales pages are doing the best job possible when your customer arrives.

My price is bespoke depending on what you need.  I guarantee you will know up-front what you are getting.  Call me now so you can make the perfect decision for you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s the proof…

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