Web Copy – The Most Important Details Are What You Leave Out

Most web copy exists to make profit by generating leads or sales. To capture attention and interest, build desire and induce action, it must be so readable that the benefits and the offer are obvious from an initial scan.

To get this effect, copywriters often focus on what to include in their copy, but what they leave out could be more important.

Intellectual and rational words do not encourage buying decisions….people buy on emotion and use rationale to justify the sale to themselves. People often ‘talk’ along when they read and a good reading flow needs everyday vocabulary. So ditch the highfalutin, boring and clever words.

Euphemisms can sound condescending, and sales copy for a hair-loss product which refers to the reader as ‘follicularly challenged” may also insult their intelligence. Furthermore, this phrase breaks the reading flow.

Your reader is an adult amoxil clavulin with a problem who is looking for a solution, not a delicate orchid needing your protection. So tell it as it is.

Avoid corporate speak, jargon and buzzwords. A few nasties are proactive, and impact as a verb, as in, impact your health. Would you really read an entire corporate report if you didn’t have to? Even people who are proactive in the boardroom, rarely think like this, even in the office.

Buzz and jargon words are often designed to impress the lay-person and suggest the author is part of the in-crowd, but what really matters is for the reader to feel included. Even when aimed at the corporate market, jargony copy can be dull, regional and outdated.

You may be able to get away with a cliche, but not when you are trying to appear cute or clever. Cliches can date your copy and as they do not always cross cultural boundaries, may have little meaning for a chunk of your readers.

Dead words such as the very, in very impressive, don’t add meaning. There is no halfway house, something is either impressive or it amoxil online is not. So leave them out.

The danger is that many of these words creep in uninvited and unnoticed by slipping under the radar of the authors consciousness. So I recommend you edit with a check list to be certain you weed them all back out.

Sian Murphy
100% Results Writer

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