Two Concepts You Must Get If You Want Motivating Copy

When you understand what motivates and persuades your reader to act then you can write copy which communicates from inside their own perspective.

Motivation can be either Towards or Away-from. The goal of making money can explain this. If you want money to buy a bigger house or a Rolls Royce, then you are moving towards a future goal.

Whereas, wanting money to avoid living in a small house or taking the bus is moving away-from an unpleasant situation.

Being 100% towards or 100% away-from are the motivational poles but for most people motivation for each goal has a bit of both. For example, 80% is about getting the big house but 20% about avoiding poverty.

Even if you appreciate your prospect’s problem you will not know their motivational make up. No matter, for when you understand how the motivational nature varies among individuals, your copy can account for this and lead your reader to a grander vision.

If you assume your reader has a 50:50 split between towards and away-from motivation you should cover all eventualities. Using the weight-loss market to illustrate…

‘Imagine how you will feel as a slinky size 2 dress swishes around your curves and you look in the mirror to see the silky fabric drape smoothly over your hips”. (Towards)

“Never again will you have to worry about unsightly cellulite bulges and trying to squeeze into your clothes.” (Away from)

But sorting out the motivation is half the job. You must also create action and each reader has a personal ‘convincing’ routine to run through before reaching their buying decision. Understanding and incorporating the four basic ‘convincers’ into your copywriting and marketing techniques will fulfill this for many readers.

Prospects with an automatic convincer, need little convincing and tend to just buy on first sight. They are in the minority and often have debts spiraling out of control.

The average person has a three time convincer routine and need exposure to a product three times before buying. Why trust to luck that your product is the third they see? You can increase your chances by pitching in three different ways or at different times by using a video, sales letter and a follow up e-mail for example.

Long sales copy can repeatedly present the product using testimonials, stories, photos, pictures and factual copy. The following phrase may also be useful…

‘here are a number of options… I’m sure you will find one of them right for you’

Some readers need a period of time to lapse between seeing and buying. Here is the value of gathering contact details. I am not talking about harassing or nagging, just presenting your offer again.

The person with a consistent convincer is the easiest, because regardless of how many times they see, hear, or read your proposal they will not buy. You could try including this phrase along with a cast iron guarantee…

‘I know amoxil generic you will never be completely convinced and that’s amoxil the reason why you’ll just have to experience this to be sure it’s right for you.”

But really, do not waste time with this group because the small proportion you convert, combined with their high maintenance, will divert your attention from offering and delivering value for the bulk of your potential customer base.

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