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Terrified Into Getting Clients Through Public Speaking

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I’m not going to bore you with the statistic about how many millions of people are more scared by public speaking than of dying…but isn’t that a bit extreme? It’s also a bit of a shame, because public speaking is about the meanest marketing tool there is.  Public speaking […]

Limiting Beliefs – Who’s YOUR Secret Saboteur?

Image by dahowlett via Flickr Just the other day I was talking to a group of MLM entrepreneurs and one of the questions was, “What is the most important thing you can do to move your business forward?” There wasn’t a single word answer to this one and I spent a few minutes outlining what […]

Is Curiosity The Key To Selling?

Image via Wikipedia I’ve recently got hooked on studying the opening lines from popular novels and you can see a few of them over on my blog sianscribbles. Grand.  But what can we learn as copywriters and marketers about opening lines.  When I go to buy a book I look at the cover.  If that […]

‘NLP At Work’ – Book Review

This is the book that takes NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming out of the realm of spooky nonsense into the real world of work and business. What I particularly appreciate about this book, is that you don’t need to be an NLP practitioner or trainer to understand and apply the techniques and principles.  It also puts […]

What Is NLP?

Image by psd via Flickr The human mind is the most fantastic bio-computer ever created.  We just don’t always understand our coding because it’s not user friendly.  The application of NLP is to our bio-computer what Windows is to the PC.  It gives us access to all the programmes and installs software updates. When you […]

How To Find The USP For Your Sales Copy.

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Because your Unique Selling Point (USP), or Proposal, is the competitive advantage which sets your product apart from the competition, it should be the cornerstone of your sales copy. Perhaps you are familiar with these three famous USP’s… Avis Rent A Car: “We’re number two. We try harder.” FedEx: “When it absolutely, positively has to […]