MAKE sure YOU get the correct emphasis in YOUR headline

When copywriters produce a long headline they often emphasise certain words by bolding, underlining or capitalising them.

But you have to know which words to pick.

Web readers generally scan pages and an emphasized word acts as a STOPPER. It literally stops the reader in their tracks.

But your STOPPER also has to be the STARTER to the rest of your copy or your reader will click off to something more interesting. If your ‘stoppers’ are meaningless then it will all end there.

In the headline above the emphasized words Make, You and Your could be in millions of articles ranging from porn to healthy eating. But how about – Correct, Emphasis and Headline? They may not make perfect sense without generic amoxil the joining words, but they certainly hint towards what you might expect from the rest of the article.

If you want to use this technique yourself, you may find the following comparative examples useful. The first headline of each pair is wrong…

of How To Be Thinner

The Secret

Hand Made Oak Furniture

The Finest Quality


A Hair Styling Mousse For Dry Hair

At Last
A Hair Styling Mousse For DRY HAIR

Water Pressure Washer

Hi Power

The emphasis is always on the solution for the customer – they want hand made oak furniture and your emphasis guides them straight to it. Resist the temptation to run a movie in your head of a 1950’s TV advert with an engaging guy in a loud suit being overly enthusiastic as he shouts an animated ‘AT LAST….” He is only in your head and on your page are mono-tonal words. Imagine them being read in a nasal accent by a small man in a ‘pork pie’ hat. Now which words do you want to underline?

You also need to be alive to the synergy of your stoppers. It is no good picking combinations of words which stick your readers’ eyes to the page. buy amoxil online The following Toyota advert explains this well…

Picture this headline as a caption beneath a photograph of a new and shiny Toyota Camry


Why not pick the ‘Good” to emphasize instead of ‘Reputation’? Because GOOD……GOLD stops the reader – dead.

As the Copywriter you must ensure you do not just hand over a bunch of words and leave the design and layout to the artists. Visual artists make decisions based on lighting, symmetry, tone and hue, whille your palette comprises words, punctuation and your emphasis.

You should never compromise your artistic integrity, so be very SPECIFIC about how the finished item must look.

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