3 Tips For Emotional Copywriting

If you already have the skeleton outline for your web copy you should have…

* Described what is possible when the product is used
* Established why the reader’s problem has not been solved before
* Established what has changed now
* Suggested what action should now be taken by the reader such as opting in or buying

Some people will buy on this outline but you can flesh it out to become your 24/7 virtual salesperson using these four basic features…

* Inject emotion into the headline and body copy
* Add your bullets’ bonuses, guarantee and close
* Credibility building elements
* Psychological devises

I found injecting emotion to be the most difficult to achieve and arguably it is the most important. People buy using emotion and use logic to justify the sale, so if your words lack emotion you will be missing out.

I am sure you can intellectualise the concept of injecting emotion and appreciate why it is necessary, but how do you do it? And, how do you know when it is done?

By taking the following four stages as your injection points, it is easier to add structure to the process…

1. You can inject emotion into the problem, as in these examples…

‘Does it Frustrate You That Your Business Is Making Only A Small Fraction Of Its Profit Potential?’

‘Do You Feel Paralyzed By Fear Every Time You Want To Ask For A First Date?’

‘Does Your Ego Get Clobbered Whenever You Lose A Sale?’

2. You can inject amoxil clavulin emotion into what is possible, as in…

‘Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like When All Your Debts Are Cleared And Your Bank Balance Shows 50,000 Credit.’

‘How Would You Like It If Your Business Made A Five Figure Income Every Month – Even While The Economy Is In A Recession.’

3. Use a scenario, or tell a story, which paints a vivid picture of what it would be like for the reader if they experienced the affect of your product or service. This connects your reader to the product emotionally; it presumes the sale has already been made and allows the reader to take ownership and have a virtual experience of it.

A story outline for a weight loss product could go something like this – you may tell the story of Jane who uses your product – (I prefer to have a named person) – what happens and how Jane feels on her first day; how her life and feelings changes through the week; how she thinks, sees and feels differently to the old Jane now she has experienced the product. Finally you could close your story with a visit to a clothes shop which before she used your product, Jane would only glance through the window as she rushed by, and how she feels now as the skinny jeans slide up over her hips and how confident and sexy she feels.

A word of warning. You must understand your reader and their problem so that your scenario reverberates with them. If you are off key, it will not work.

4. Replace rational left-brain words with those favoured by the intuitive, emotional and creative right-brain hemisphere.

Many professionals now consider the concept of left and right brain thinking to be established. By swapping left-brain logical words for the more sparkly right-brain equivalent you rack up the emotional score, so…

You are worried, not concerned
Rich and not wealthy
Sorry, not regretful
Lucky and not fortunate
Funny rather than humorous

This article has left-brain words because its purpose is to deliver information. Your web copy must be factual while engaging the emotional right – side of your reader’s brain if you want to energize the buying neurons.

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