If You Want To Leave Your Job- Then Start Talking Shop

This may be one of the shortest articles you will ever read about leaving your job to become self employed in any professional or entrepreneurial capacity.

It is also THE most important article you will ever read. Hands down. If you don’t get this stuff right, then none of the rest of it will matter because you will never be able to leave your job behind. NEVER. Which is silly because leaving your job is easy – once you know the right language. So here it is.

Below is a list of words and phrases which, if you are in a job now, and by that I mean you have a boss and are paid for the period of time you are present – (who cares how much you earn), you will understand what most of them mean…









Asking for time off

Have to book leave with work before you book your trip with the travel agents

Explaining why you’re late

Insolvency looms within 3 months of losing your job

Filling in time until the days’ end

Saying No

Being told No

Job Description

Performance Appraisal

Bored watching the clock till you can leave to go and do something fun

Redundancy scares

Looking forward to pay day when the same amount of money lands in the bank account or wage packet

Feeling proud when the boss recognises your good work

You would not do this job if you weren’t paid

There is no choice – you MUST Swap That Lot Up There – For This Lot Down Here…


Self belief

Multiple income streams

Passive income

Time leveraging









Self belief – it’s very important so it gets a second mention


Cutting out crap

You’d do this for free – the wealth is only the byproduct and the money just a counter

Stuff qualifications – common sense matters

Gonna make something happen

Imagine you are about to take up a new hobby, fishing for example. You will have to learn to speak the language of fishy stuff, reels, hooks and lines before you can really join in. Getting to grips with the vocabulary of your amoxil clavulin new hobby is all part of the fun.

How much time do you want to spend getting good at your hobby? You can choose a leisurely osmotic stroll to picking up the language, or a conscious decision to learn it all up front. Full body amoxil online immersion.

If you were moving to another country, would you wait until you got there and hope to pick up a few words as you go along? If you had any sense you’d probably get a few ‘learn the language CD’s and a phrase book before you left home so you can at least buy dinner when you get there.

Well leaving your job is the same principle. If you want to get away from PAYE and employment then you have to start thinking in the language of wealth, money and business. It’s your choice if you do this by creeping your way along or deciding to learn all the words and concepts you need up front.

You’ve managed to get to the end of this article which hopefully means you’re still interested in breaking free and also understand that a millionaire entrepreneur uses a different vocabulary to your jobby words. If you have a joint venture proposal for an entrepreneur they won’t care about your qualifications, so you need to shut up about them. They only care if you can deliver. Your common-sense, drive and savvy is what matters.

Changing is easy and here’s a couple of ideas to help you on your way; find someone who’s already done what you want to do and copy them – autobiographies can be a fantastic way to get a silent mentor; subscribe to a financial magazine and get familiar and comfortable with the language; join business forums and be a passive observer until you’re comfortable joining in. If you go along to business breakfast clubs you are sure to find someone who’s done what you want to do and will just love to share their achievements and tell you all about how they did it. When you have the hot words to describe what you want, then your vision for your business future will surely follow and nothing will stop you from breaking through the glass barriers to passion, wealth and freedom.

And here’s one final thought. Even if you have been employed by someone else for all of your working life, you are still the President of Corporation You. As President you decided who to work for, how long to stay there, how hard to work and how much you were going to earn. You’ve been in control all along. You just have to fire up the motor and change course.

Here’s to your new life

CEO Sian xx

Sian Murphy Copywriter


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