How To Recruit The Most Important Asset Your Business Can Buy

If you rely on sales copy to move your product from dusty shelves to the bank, then you probably appreciate that the copywriter is the most important person in your business.

Imagine sitting at your desk fretting as you pick which copywriter to invest in. Unless you’re a millionaire this could be a make or break decision. What factors will you consider?

What about price – after all anyone charging THAT much must be good, right?

Perhaps a degree in English and a mastery of grammar will sway you.

Do you need framed certificates and diplomas to feel safe?

If you opt for these traditional demonstrations of aptitude, you may not get what you want.

Alan Forrest Smith admits to bad grammar and yet he flipped his hairdressing skills to copywriting. Joe Sugarman almost flunked english in high school. Yet both have pulled in millions.

Writing copy is not about clever words and correct english but intuition, gut reaction, questions, listening and communication. online amoxil To get the reader to take action the sales copy must delve the mind of the audience, teasing out and solving problems. The best copywriters harmonise with you, your product and your prospect.

An OK hairdresser needs hair cutting techniques. An amazing hairdresser needs a magic ingredient to get that ‘click’ with the client so they know how to make them feel fantastic inside and out. The client who amoxil entered the salon feeling dowdy and flat leaves elated. This is state elicitation. Communication of the highest order. But take away the magic and it is merely ‘clipping by numbers’.

When a famous copywriter was asked how he produces copy his answer went something like this…

“First off I research, question and absorb until I’m the expert on you, your product and your prospect”.

“After several weeks integrating, processing and musing (which manifests itself in the real world as me doing nothing at all with your commission) I find the perfect angle, and then I start writing. Brainstorming. Honing. Testing. Editing. Perfecting. Until it’s so perfect it’s buzzing”

This is about an artist using words to communicate so that you don’t have to sit with each and every prospect building rapport and closing the sale.

There is no mention of academic qualifications, dictionaries, proofreaders, grammar references, article spinning software or anything fancy or technical.

So to make the best choice, all you have to do is ask “How do you do it”?

Sian Murphy
100% Results Writer
skype: sian-murphy

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