How To Find The USP For Your Sales Copy.

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Because your Unique Selling Point (USP), or Proposal, is the competitive advantage which sets your product apart from the competition, it should be the cornerstone of your sales copy.

Perhaps you are familiar with these three famous USP’s…

Avis Rent A Car: “We’re number two. We try harder.

FedEx: “When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”

Domino’s Pizza: “Fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less.”

The USP has been used to develop these now familiar slogans. But the USP is not the slogan.

A slogan is a marketing or advertising tactic generally used to position the product and create familiarity and may include the USP – but it is not the USP.

The nature of the product is often what the consumer would expect anyway and your amoxil cheap copy must demonstrate how this is delivered, but it is not your USP. For example, you expect a burglar alarm to be 100% reliable and responsive and I doubt you would buy one unless it was. But say the alarm can be installed without wiring, while other similar products need an electrician? Now that could be the USP.

Unique Selling Point, Position or Proposal, concept and gimmick all mean much the same thing. But whatever you call it, the effect is the same; you are selling the concept, not the product. The sizzle and not the steak. The only exception to this is when the product is genuinely unique, or so new that, in itself, it can claim the title of USP. Joe Sugarman uses his adverts about the launch of digital watches to explain this…

At first, the novelty value of digital watches was enough to make them sell and all his advert needed was a picture and explanation of the features to get the orders shipping out. But this did not last long and when digital watches became plentiful he was USP hunting again. Soon after we see adverts for the thinnest digital watch, or the only digital watch with a built in alarm.

The USP and the concept sells, the product does not. I know you understand this because you do it every day you go to work. I presume you go to work to earn money? Yet I doubt you have a growing mound of paper notes. So your motivation for working is not to build a collection, but the concept of the lifestyle you exchange for the notes and coins.

Finding the USP is the copywriters job. You need a reasonable general knowledge and your first task when writing copy is to gather the product specific knowledge. And then do it all again for any likely competitors.

You must explore the product backwards, forwards, upside down and inside out from inception to manufacture, until you are an expert, possibly even THE expert. Now you know everything you need, you are ready to start writing. But STOP. Do nothing except have fun while all the information churns and integrates.

Doing nothing if you have ideas and a deadline is tricky. It takes faith.

Imagine you are about to skydive out of a plane. Your parachute is checked and primed but the only way you will absolutely know it will deploy is to jump and yank the cord. Integrating is about leaping into your brain down-time and trusting your subconscious to work.

I prefer to set out my stall before I let go. My personal process is to write down all the information I have gathered; bullet points of interest; a few buy cheap amoxil headline ideas and anything else that pops out – in rough freehand. This is more about brain time than presentation. I also make sure I have stated the problem I want my subconscious to solve – I want to know what the angle is; where is the USP? I also visualise what I want to achieve – which is producing excellent copy using that one light-bulb idea. The eureka point.

Then I leave it alone in a draw to cogitate while I go and do something else. The more fun the better and I’m not spilling the beans on what I get up to.

Have fun…

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