How To Be Certain YOU Get The Sale Without Trusting To Luck

Have you ever been so turned off by a salesperson that you left, but later bought the same item somewhere else? The first guy didn’t annoy you on purpose, but because it is human nature, he was probably selling to you using his own buying strategy, instead of working out what your buying strategy is.

Even if your showroom is online and your copy is your sales rep, carefully chosen words and marketing tactics let you cater for a wide range of buying strategies.

Everyone has a strategy for buying, getting angry, being late and every behaviour we do. This is why we can consistently get the same results. Do you know someone who is always late? Do you always have trouble getting up in the morning? This is the strategy working.

When business people understand strategies we can utilise this information to communicate for a better outcome. You notice I didn’t say use. This is about reaching the mystical win-win outcome, not slight of hand.

When you don’t understand buying strategies then sales becomes a matter of chance. What are the odds that the next person who walks through the door has the same buying strategy as you? The lead conversion rates may tell you.

Strategies are a pick and mix of the following…

* visual by seeing pictures in your imagination
* buy amoxil auditory
* feelings
* listening to self talk
* smells and tastes.

Lets consider Sally and her buying strategy as she sets about getting a new sports car.

She makes a picture in her head of the car’s electric blue paintwork setting off her blond hair
She smells the new leather of the interior
She feels buy cheap amoxil the wind in her hair as she speeds along the country lanes with the top down.

She arrives at the showroom ready to pop, whereby salesman Bob talks to her for an hour about the stunning spec. She leaves without the car. I’ll bet that Bob’s buying strategy involves hearing about all the finer points of performance and build quality.

If Bob had shown her a colour chart and asked her which shade she pictured having; opened the car door and waved her into the drivers seat for a test drive so she could feel and smell the new leather and the wind in her hair, then Sally would have crashed the car writing the cheque out.

It doesn’t matter if you are salesman Bob in a showroom, or writing sales copy, it’s still all about the strategy.

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