Skyrocket Your Sales When You Ditch The Bi-Polar Business Attitude And Learn How To Sulk

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When the performance gurus talk about riding out the highs and the lows of business, what they mean is that when business is swinging, you act cool, and when it goes wrong – you still act cool.

It is not wrong to celebrate success, but if you are still partying a week after you land the big order, what has happened meanwhile?

If you respond to a fantastic result with hysterical glee, will you plunge into the depths of despair when you lose a sale?

To win in the long term your emotional keel must be steady and without the yawing highs and lows. You may find the key to this skill rather surprising.

Do you know someone who sulks? Some people can sulk for years. At first this may not seem particularly valuable, however, conisider this – the prolonged sulker has developed a strategy of sustaining one emotional state for a very long time.

What if they could do this with a different emotion? Well they can if they mimic how they sulk and transfer it to something more productive, such as confidence or motivation.

The secret strategies behind every behaviour are a party compendium pack of the following components

*visual by creating and seeing pictures in your imagination
*listening to self talk
*smells and tastes

To elicit your strategy for a particular behavoiur, such as buying, sleeping, or insomnia, just run through your process and plot through each step.

Imagine Steve who has an excellent sulking strategy which goes like this…

Three years ago Steve’s brother Bob went to a works party instead of Steve’s birthday bash. Each morning since then Steve,

*has made a picture in his head of Bob enjoying himself at the works party

*he says to himself “How could Bob do that to me, he obviously prefers his amoxil cheap work mates to his own brother.”

*then gets a nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach and his throat gets tight as all the familiar feelings flood back

Steve runs this strategy every morning and can keep buy generic amoxil the sulk going all day, regardless of anything else which could brighten his mood.

But Steve could also use this strategy to conjur up a winning state of mind as a salesman by:

*making a picture of himself sat in his office as a signed contract for a 100 fleet cars slides across the desk towards him

*saying to himself– ‘WOW I NAILED it, I’m brilliant at sales. What a FANTASTIC deal!

*feeling the exiting rush of adrenalin as all the familiar feelings flood back

If he ran this strategy every morning, Steve could spend his days electrified with anticipation as he chalks up the triumphs.

What would it mean to you to spend every day like Steve?

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