Clinch Credibility With These 5 Humdrum Moves. Special Bonus – 3 Surefire Ways To Lose It Again

No matter how sassy your words are, if your copy lacks credibility then products will stay on the shelves. And fishy copy can mean a long recovery time for a damaged reputation.

Just in case you are expecting apocalyptic revelations please remember, it is the small, frequently overlooked, mundane details which make the difference…

1. Be the expert.

You have the power to become an expert in any field. Truly you do. I am a 45 year old woman who is 5 feet tall with an arthritic spine. No amount of prompting would ever generate my friends to comment on my physical prowess. Yet I could become an expert on boxing by:

? reading 30 books
? reviewing sports pages
? visiting websites associated with boxing – no matter how tenuous the link
? finding out what boxing enthusiasts search for on the internet and buy on ebay
? researching boxing related keywords and niche markets
? chasing out affiliate products
? visiting boxing gyms and specialist retailers
? reviewing boxing publications
? reading medical journals for boxing related injuries and treatments

Say I contacted the peripheral professionals who specialise in boxing, such as, personal trainers; coaches; gym owners; masseurs; agents; medics; promoters; boxing club managers; and, of course the boxers themselves and asked them for an interview, or to send me their ‘Top 5 Personal Training Tips For Boxers’….etc….?

Because many readers often assume celebrity endorsements are fee earning, sactioning by an an expert generally means more to the spending public than by a celebrity. Which is good because it is much easier to become an expert than persuade Elton John to endorse your e-book about The Nastier Manifestations Of Nasal Polyps. This means you are in control of your marketing momentum.

2. Writing And Submitting Articles On Issues Surrounding Your Product.

This establishes expert status but be wary of overt selling and ensure they deliver quality information. The place for your URL link is in the author resource box.

3. Testimonials And Interesting Stories.

The human brain perks up when a story is promised and so they whet the reader’s appetite for the offer and strengthen the selling position. But make sure they are relevant and verified.

4. Always Deliver On Your Promises.

If you draw your readers in with an enticing snippet such as ‘when you read this article you will discover the secret ingredient for turning your dry hands smooth, soft and silky….’, then for goodness sake tell them a secret worth knowing. In case they miss it then remind them in the concluding paragraph of what you promised and have revealed.

5. Be The First.

Even if you are selling an established product you can position yourself as ‘the first’. Being first is usually more memorable than being the best. Do you know who was third to fly solo across the Atlantic? No? Do you know who was the first woman to fly it solo? Amelia Earhart is the answer for both questions. If you are selling a tent which is easy to put up then try pitching it as the first ever tent erectable in ten minutes by a one-armed camper – as long as it is true of course.

Having built credibility, then you need to keep it. So…

1. Sort Out The Spelling And Grammar.

You do not have to understand grammar and be able to win the Spelling B to be a copywriter, but if your finished copy has serious gaffs then your credibility will suffer. Your audience may not be amoxil cheap English teachers but readers become accustomed to seeing certain grammar conventions, even if they could not recite them, and they spot it when these rules are broken.

2. 100% Correct Facts.

There is no excuse for wrong information and unbelievable claims. If the benefits of your product are truly astonishing then deliver the proof in the copy, or convince your reader that proof is available and be prepared to deliver.

3. Edit for Conflicting Information.

If you tell your reader “send no money now” then do not offer them a cast iron money back guarantee farther down. This is unprofessional and confuses your offer.

Be honest.

Best wishes to you

Sian Murphy
100% Results Writer
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We love to get comments on articles and suggestions for future topics so please click through or email me directly. Regards, Sian

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