Cash Won’t Always Buy You Winning Sales Copy

The best copywriters have to be fussy about who they work with because they know that copywriting is not a do-to event. It is a process which the copywriter and the client do-with each other. Together. It’s a team.

So if you want sales copy that drills into the psyche of your prospect and gets results, then you need to know what is expected of a good client.

Writing sales copy is about understanding the product features, the producer, their philosophy, momentum and motivation. Crucially, it focuses on the prospect, their problem, and the targeted solution where the product can come to the rescue.

Copywriters embrace the holistic approach and yours will become an expert on your fantastic selling points plus any bad stuff, which if your sales copy neglects, I guarantee your prospect will wheedle out as an excuse not to buy. Worse, they could magnify the problem far beyond the reality.

There will be questions, questions and more questions, which you will need to answer.

A good client understands about integration – the brain down-time when there is no discernible activity whilst your copywriter’s unconscious mind hones in on the perfect angle to position your product. This is a languid, unhurried and passive process which the professional client trusts, understands and appreciates and so contentedly lets the time slip cheap amoxil by.

Lets compare this to the unprofessional client who, having failed to develop a strategy, has now set an unrealistic deadline for producing the copy. Whilst tight deadlines may be feasible and necessary in journalistic copy, which is about delivering compact and timely information within a prescribed word count, they will not work for sales copy.

The art of selling uses intuition to reach the prospect’s motivation and pick the words to communicate within their model of the world. A dictionary won’t help. And you can’t rush art.

The reputation of the writer can stand or fall by each piece of copy which flows into the public arena. Getting a copywriter of repute to work with you is not all about how much you are willing to pay.

Mostly you will have to be an available, honest and patient client.

Sian Murphy
100% Results Writer
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