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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Image by <Deepa> via Flickr

You'd Better Come Home,

Mum's Got A Lump In Her Tit

As I'm the mum with the lump, you might guess that I didn't come-up with this amazing line.  But I wish I had - what a great headline!

A high percentage of my clients come to be because they are trying to launch a new product - training programmes, seminars, books and audios and the one bit they always seem to get stuck on is what to call the thing.

What I like about this title is it passes the 'headline test'  This means that you may not know the full story yet, but in those 11 words you get the gist, so I only have to flesh it out a bit more.

I have two sons, both 20.  Eunan my foster son has been living in Malta for about a year and when we found out I had breast cancer, Elliot - the other one - called him up and that's what he said.

And Eunan came back home to stay and so it worked.  Elliot is not known for his verbal dexterity, and yet he managed to come up with the perfect phrase to sort the problem out.  Job done.

So what now?

Well after 4 years of eating alfalfa, I'm more than a little miffed that I still have an arse like Babar the Elephant and now I have a lump.  Meanwhile, my pastie munching pals are skinny and blob free.  So watch this space for some revolutionary new product development.

Next week look out for: 

Announcing  The All New Sian Murphy Beat Cancer With Pork Pies Diet

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Dalek Attack (1992), from Admiral Software
Image via Wikipedia

If this title means anything to you then you probably grew up in the UK and are around 40.

I couldn't get behind our settee at home because of where it was perched in the front room, but I would have joined you behind yours as soon as amoxil generic these metal buggers appeared.

How are the monotone Daleks of my childhood relevant today?

Well last Saturday was the first meeting of the Internet Marketing Group I've started up with 3 colleagues - all seasoned internet professionals.  We were presenting a full day of information to our paying members for the very first time.

What does this have to do with the Daleks?  Stick with it and we'll get to the point in a mo.  Well it reallyis all about presentation.  We had set a date for the launch meeting and it was to a very tight deadline. This meant not everything was perfect…

  • The room was checked out before we booked it but the internet connection kept dropping out.  If you recall we are an internet marketing group - not stunning
  • We had taken the word of the venue about the number of delegates we could fit in and it would have been just grand if half of them were suspended from the ceiling
  • And to top it all of some of the buttons and what-nots on the new membership website didn't tally with what our new members were being told and shown in room.  Gulp.
  • The header for the web-site was changed right at the last minute which meant the paperwork didn't match up.

Perhaps we should have delayed the launch.

Possibly we should have allowed more time for preparation.  A few more 'to-do' lists maybe? All four of us is more than capable of at least another three to four weeks of meaningful procrastination. But what really happened?

Members came to find out about two specific areas of internet marketing… Roger Bourdan (www.rogerbourdan) delivered an hour packed with hot tips on developing and launching a product.  And from the roll call of his websites you can see that he's done this more than a couple of times.

Lollie Borel ( is the Social Media Strategist for a number of large corporations who actually uses social media for her job.  She gets paid a lot of money to do it.  She's good at what she does and she shared it all with our members.  Job done.

Yes stuff did go wrong but the trick is not to expose the inner workings.  Even when the Daleks were foiled by stairs (they couldn't float around back in the black and white TV days when my Doctor was Jim Pertwee), they kept control.  It seems as though people don't mind plans coming unstuck as long as you can glue them back together PDQ and get on with the show.  It's only when you expose the squashy bits that faith in your ability to deliver starts slipping away.

So what does this mean and how can you make sure your deliver what you promised without endless preparation and even when stuff goes wrong?  Here's my recommended anti-procrastination plan…

Decide specifically what you want to achieve and by when. By this I mean what are the core components of your objectives?  The Smart Marketing Warriors set out to deliver two presentations which gave members a chance to questions the specialists and get information which related directly to how they could apply amoxil this in the day to day of their own business.  They got this. The matching paperwork; easy lunch venues; nice coffee; enough room to cavort about and online interaction with the membership site all went boobies up - but none of it affected the quality of the presentation.  We'd made sure of that.

So get your plans in place.  Our core plan ensured we delivered the crucial stuff. Not everything will run perfectly - just accept it.   I cannot think of a single activity in life or business that can be guaranteed to deliver on a 100% success rate.  So why beat yourself up?

When it goes wrong, and it will,  just tell yourself you were ready for that to happen and position yourself to change direction. You are in charge, so keep control.

Can you think back to when you were a child when stuff went cock-a-maimie?  Imagine if out with an adult on a journey and the car broke down?  OK.  Now if that adult - the person in charge burst into tears or started babbling - yadda, yadda, yadda.  How would you feel?  How different would that be to them saying, "'Gosh and darn it, we've broken down.  I've called a cab and the breakdown service will tow the car to the nearest garage who mend it whilst we're away so it's ready for us when we get back.  We left in plenty of time so we'll easily be at the airport before the check in closes.  Lets get the cases into the taxi."

Same problem with the gooey workings all covered up.

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A mind map is a diagram which starts off around a central theme or idea from which branch words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around this central key word or idea.

You can use mind maps to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving, decision making, and writing.

The elements of a given mind map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, and are classified into groupings, branches, or areas, with the goal of representing semantic or other connections between portions of information. Mind maps may also aid recall of existing memories, which means you can use them for revision.

By presenting ideas in a radial, graphical, non-linear manner, mind maps can bring a framework to the brainstorming process of planning and organisational tasks.

Mind mapping can be very useful for visual thinkers, especially if you have a tool which lets you print out your final map as a document.

I particularly like imindmap for goal setting becuase you can add your own pictures to your map and print the whole thing out and put it on your wall to remind you of your main objectives.

This is just some of the everyday tasks I use mindmap for:

  • website structure
  • goal setting
  • planning books and articles
  • project planning
  • daily organisation
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing funnel design
  • Presentations

I find it particularly useful for organising my daily tasks.  By creating a branch for each task which needs to be done every day - such as checking emails, bank accounts, phone messages.  By inserting links to any online programs I can jump straight from the mindmap to the job in hand and then back again to my map and onto the next job until I'm done for the day.

I suppose you could describe mind maps as a graphical way of organising your thoughts.  But more than that they facilitate the thought process. But don't get the idea that mind maps are a new fangled gimic because they're not.

Mind mapping was created by Tony Buzan (born 1942) and he originally coined the term mental literacy. He was born in London and received double Honours in psychology, English, mathematics and the General Sciences from the University of British Columbia in 1964. He is probably best known for his book, Use Your Head, his promotion of mnemonic systems and his mind-mapping techniques.

Originally mind mapping was done by hand and of course you can still do it like that.  Mindmaps can be drawn by hand, either as 'rough notes' during a lecture or meeting, for example, or can be more sophisticated in quality.  Tony Buzan has now created imindmap which is an interactive and intuitive software version of his original concept.  I could go on about the various features all day; how you can print out an emerging visual presentation to bring a whole new dimension to your powerpoint presentions - in fact I use Keynote.  I could also show you how you can add your personal goals and pictures straight into the map to bring it alive.  The best way to experience yourself with a free trial.  You can have your own version of imindmap in 30 seconds from now and you don't even have to leave any amoxil online payment details to start creating your own mindmaps right now.

amoxil clavulin border="0" alt="Buzan's iMindMap" width="250" height="250" />

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Guidelines For Picking Your Domain Name

Picking the correct can be critical.  It is a key to establishing your brand identity and search ability.  Be ready to buy domain names that fit your strategy because once internet real estate is gone, it's gone!  For the cost (you should expect to pay around $10 for a .com) then it is worth buying them and holding on to them until you are ready.

Buying Domain Names Is The One Area Where You Do Not Want To Be Conservative

1.    Use everyday words which people recognise quickly.  You get no points for being clever.  Avoid ambiguous spellings and if you operate internationally then consider if words are spelt differently in other countries and think about buying the alternative spelling.

2.    Consider including a call to action or a verb; e.g., save, build, grow, cut, secure, etc, for example -

3.    Write it out on paper and also on a screen so you can check the letter combination doesn’t produce strange or incomprehensible results, eg.

4.    Consider how you will be telling people your Domain Name. Will you need to tell them over the phone or a radio advert and so will you have to keep on explaining it?  Eg.  where you have repeatedly have to explain it’s the number 4 and not the letters.  You should also consider buying the other version. and redirecting incase people get it wrong first time.

5.    Who is your audience and do they have special needs?

6.    What about misspellings - could your Domain Name easily be misspelt, and if so you should consider buying the misspellings and redirecting.

7.    Does the domain name need to mean anything to anyone? If your Domain Name is always accompanied by a great long explanation of the services you offer, or on a business card you hand out, then great.  However, if not then why would anyone bother visiting  If the domain name will appear or be advertised in isolation of backgound explanation then you should consider a domain name which tells readers what it means or who should visit it.  A good example is  One of ours is

8.   You may need more than one domain name or URL.   Your company, branding or membership site could be, or  Generally this sort of site is used to direct visitors to where they can find out about your services or get information.  Often the domain name relates to your company but doesn't directly explain what you offer.  You may need a separate domain name for your landing page where you capture their details, such as, and you could start a relationship building blog with or you could invent a personality such as  If you have a product or service which you can sell directly, then you might also want to have a sales page such as

9.  If your online presence is about developing a relationship with your audience then do buy your own name, such as, If has already been registered then you could add to it as in

10.    Think about if you will be using punctuation such has hyphens, and be aware that there are differing opinions about if this is a good or bad practice.  It is often used when the Domain Name you really want is already registered as in  The main consideration should still be ‘is it simple to remember and use, and does it explain amoxil what it is all about’?

11.    If you are buying a Domain Name to market a product or service (as in affiliate marketing) then ideally you should understand the product and the potential buyer.  Whilst there are many buying triggers, pain and problem solving are key, and it is sensible to understand what these are for your potential buyer and to incorporate this aspect into your domain if possible and appropriate.

12.    Keyword analysis can be useful to help you pick words and word combinations people are searching for right now.  However, you should remember that trends change and so this could be a tricky approach to rely on for a long term venture.

As always, the most important thing is to GET IT DONE and GET IT OUT THERE

Nothing works when it's still in the box whilst you fret online amoxil over the instructions.

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A few days ago I posted 12 Steps To A Brilliant Domain Name on Sian Scribbles.

The title should give you a clue to what it's about.  Not so with  'What A Difference A Name Makes' which could be about naming a puppy or what to call your new ebook.  It's not.  I just wanted a collection of words vaguely related to nomination and feeble enough to be meaningless.  Plus I thought it sounded a bit like the lyrics of the song - 'what a difference a day makes.'  A bit of a naff play on words, if you will.

But it means SFA to anyone.

The title of your website, article, ebook or url is the red flag to both your dedicated audience, and any passing trade, about what you have on offer.  How else are you going to make them notice what you've got?  And I don't mean standing in the path of searching internet traffic.  This has been around longer than Google. Yes really.

Picture yourself in your holiday gear, with a map of Australia, a full wallet and loads of time.  You're an explorer with spending power.  online amoxil The collective wet dream for the local  tourist development office.  But who will be blessed with your holiday savings?

In 1933, Elston, Queensland was an off-lying, small-potatoes hamlet of clapboard cottages, a hotel and a few shops. And then the blokes who ran the town did a bit cheap amoxil of a branding exercise.  Realising the name 'Elston' didn't fully explain that the town was blessed by a stunning beach with just the right sort of current, they decided to rename the town after the one and only hotel.  Surfers Paradise had arrived.

Today Surfers Paradise is a famous resort on the Gold Coast.  Now before the comments come in about about the Gold Coast being rife with unsavoury elements - both human and constructed - this isn't what I'm talking about.  How the town chose to develop is one matter.  The fact is that by picking an instantly recongisable benefit to put directly before their potential customers, Surfers Paradise could now attract enough cash visitors to give them the choice.

The town planning argument is for another writer to tackle.

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Chatham Dockyard, Kent,England <a href=amoxil cheap has the finest …" width="300" height="225" />
Image via Wikipedia

Mark (a husband of mine) is launching a project connected to the armed forces.

Thanks to our neighbour Chris, who is still in the army, we got tickets to  Armed Forces Day at Chatham Historic Dockyard which is run today by English Heritage instead of the Navy. I love poodling around old places and I've got no idea why. Perhaps by looking to the past I find a peace rarely found in today's world of 24 hour shopping and 4 lane motorways.

We have been living about 3 miles from the Dockyard for over 10 years and yet have been traveling far and wide - overseas even - to get our cultural and historical fixes.  They were here with us all the time. And I'm not just talking about minor history stuff here.  For instance, Nelson's Flagship, HMS Victory, was built at Chatham and Nelson himself lived just up the road at Brompton.

Why am I telling you buy generic amoxil this?

Well it is often the case that small businesses, such as practitioners and coaches, often look at what else they can bring in to grow their client base - BEFORE they look at what they already have.

Seek Out What You Already Have Before You Lash Out On Advertising…OR - Look Inwards Before You Look Outwards…

Traditional marketing puts all of its effort into making the sale and stops once the sale is won.  In this way you grow your business linearly by adding customers one at a time.  What a slow and expensive carry on. In fact you can grow your business geometrically if you just increase the size of each sale or get more sales out of each buying cycle. Did you know that 68% of all business is lost by not following up with that satisfied customer after the sale? If you think that sounds complicated lets see how it works with a simple hairdressing salon.

Imagine a client comes back to the salon every 8 weeks and spends £50 each visit.  That's 6.5 visits a year and £325.  When you get that client back every 6 weeks that becomes £433.  Now imagine if when the client is in your salon you let them try out a marvelous new product which calms down the frizzy locks they've been trying to sort out for yonks.  So now every time they come back they also spend £10 on a hair treatment. Just by getting the client to come in a bit sooner and showing them a product to sort out their problem, the clients' annual worth has crept from £325 to £513 or another £188 for doing not a lot more.

As it happens I think most of us understand that salons team up with specialist hair product manufacturers to supply clients with salon quality products but how many other practitioners or small businesses use similar tactics? Now I"m not for one moment suggesting that you harass your clients into getting something they don't want or need - you must deliver timely value or you won't have any customers left and no-one enjoys being chased.  It's about understanding what your client needs so you can deliver that service.

For instance - if your hairdressing client is a business woman who comes into the salon every 8 weeks or so.  Does she spend the last 2 weeks feeling scruffy because her hair is in-between looking fantastic and 'beyond the point of no return?  When that happens she probably comes along to the salon in a rush after having to juggle her schedule so she can get her hair done before that important meeting. How about your salon starts an Early Bird Club where working women can come in and get their hair done at 7 am and be out an on the way to work by 8?  Lovely cup of freshly roasted coffee, toast and honey for breakfast.  A chilled and relaxing salon experience. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Sian xx

For more marketing and copywriting tips visit

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buy cheap amoxil href="">tHE wrItiNg oN tHE wAll...
Image by poonomo amoxil cheap via Flickr

Please click through here to get to the main site:

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Mmmm.  According to Google Hot Trends - this word, however you say it, is THE word to be looking up on t'internet.  In fact I checked for myself and over 100,000 searches are going on for this word with people querying everything from possible symptoms to how to pronounce it.


This is a crucial question for anyone who is interested in selling, and especially selling online, because it goes right to the nub of the underlying reason why most people go online.  Information.  People want to find out stuff.  Even if they end up buying something - the original purpose buy amoxil for searching was discovery.

Why on earth are so many people seeking out this word?  Curiously, only 1,540 were looking for information about symptoms.  So if you're not worried that or a member of your family has it - why bother?

With 45 letters It is apparently the longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary (and you will notice it has inserted itself out of the sidebar of and into this post) and is rather intrusive in that respect.  But why should that make it so alluring?

As it so happens because I used to be an Environmental Health Officer in a former life I know what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is.  I could not read it out loud for toffee - but I know what it is.  The shorter more sensible version is Silicosis and it is a chronic lung disease which befalls workers who spend years inhaling silicon dust.

Generally when people go searching they want information to get them away from or out of a problem and this can be anything from loosing fat to getting solvent.  Or they want to move towards happier buy cheap amoxil times, be that buying a car or moving house.  Sometimes the sheer quest for knowledge is the means to the end.  That still doesn't help me out here though.  Why would someone search specifically for a word when they don't know what it means, they can't say it out loud and they have never heard of it before?

The only plausible explanation I can muster is the school curriculum.  Perhaps someone can let me know if it appears in this years' history or biology syllabus please.

Why does all of this matter.  Well because if you are marketing online or offline you absolutely must, hands down, no arguing here be fully conscious of when, why, how and what your potential buyers are looking for.

There is always something to be learnt.

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