Are Tactics Killing Your Business?

Is your desktop stuffed with downloads, e-books and software packages? Do you even know what you have? These low dollar info-nuggets are necessary tactics, but tactics without a strategy will destroy your business.

Let me introduce you to Steve, a budding fisherman without a strategy, but busy collecting fishy tactics…

Browsing ebay one day he spots a cheap fishing rod, which he buys.

Then he sees a longer rod, so he buys that as well.

His mate recommends a better reel and, after paying a visit to the angling store, he buys one of those too.

After driving to four shops for ingredients, he mixes up several types of bait using recipes from a free e-book.

Out window shopping he picks up a book about fishing which shows fishermen using a hook masquerading as a fly. Eventually he finds a book on making flies and then drives back to the angling store for wire and feathers. Six weeks later Steve has managed to make ten flies. Their RRP is 15p per fly.

When he realises he doesn’t own a fly-fishing rod he decides to buy one which comes with a bonus book and a DVD.

Finally, Steve signs up to a pay-monthly package for a boat, buy cheap amoxil which turns out to be too short for his rods.

Steve has no fish. He does have…

Three rods
Four reels
Three lots of bait
Ten flies
One boat
One e-book
A book and buy amoxil a DVD.

He has spent twenty-four hours online, ten hours travelling and six weeks making flies.

Now meet John who has the same objective AND a strategy…

John researches the best fish to catch and discovers they hang out in a patch of weed in the nearby river. He decides his best strategy is to bait the water and lure them towards the bank for netting. After chatting with the bloke in the fishing shop, John buys one tub of bait and two nets; a small one to grab the fish and a big one to keep them in. Next day John goes fishing.

John’s investment is –

One tub of bait and two nets

He spent two hours researching and one hour visiting the angling store.

John ALSO has fish.

If procrastinator Steve is a comfortable fit for you, and you really want to catch fish, then you will need a strategy. But first I suggest you decide today to stop gathering tactics. Make a list of everything you already have. This is your asset inventory.

Now you are ready to start on your strategy.

Best wishes to you


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