10 Style Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Sales Copy

Besides excellent copywriting technique, appropriate style is a prerequisite for producing winning sales copy and is what distinguishes it from a sales brochure or an article. These are the ten important style guidelines…

1. Long sentences can be boring and difficult to read and digest. Avoid them. When you read copy out loud to yourself lengthy sentences become more apparent. Even better, ask a friend to read to you.

2. You may think you cannot avoid a passive voice but it can appear tired and listless. With a little thought you will avoid it. Use an active voice.

3. Using Etc. may be acceptable in a catalogue but not for sales copy where your reader should not be expected to mind read. You do not have to list every product feature if you use a little professional creativity…

”The collection spans 100 years of publications by The Copywriting Masters from Caples to Ogilvy”. Or, how about…

”Caples, Ogilvy and Collier are just a few of the masters you will discover in this copywriting Course”.

4. Avoid word repetitions within close range, as in, “This comprehensive course is delivered by an experienced range of course tutors using comprehensive course material.” A thesaurus provides suitable alternatives, or trim unnecessary words.

5. Keep your copy focused. Wishy-washy copy lacks the detail and clarity a reader needs to reach a buying decision. You may have a picture in your head of what you mean by stylish, but what does stylish mean to your reader? Glamorous? Classic? Smart Casual? Your reader will not fill in your lazy ambiguous gaps. Your job is to create a clear picture for them by using sharp words for sharp copy.

6. Written sales copy is not the place to flex your humour muscle. online amoxil Humour may work for TV and Radio advertising but for written copy, unless you are writing for a narrowly defined group which you know extremely well, it is so difficult to gauge their mood that it is almost doomed to fail. Good sales copy will succeed without the funnies, so why bother?

7. Get to the point in five to ten-seconds. Readers today are deluged with advertising mail, and web readers tend to browse, so tell them what it is and how they will benefit. Ten-seconds and they are gone.

8. Write clean, precise, focused sales copy and not self-indulgent prose. If you are already a copywriter you probably enjoy playing with words, but avoid self-expression and literary posturing.

9. A word of advice from the author of this article to any prospective writers of copy about serving the amoxil interests of clarity by avoiding the pitfall of prepositional phrases.

In other words – do not write sentences like this. Organise your thoughts. Decide what you want to say and deliver it in a nutshell sentence.

10. Avoid company indulgent copy. Readers do not care how stunning the company is, so stop trying to impress them. Instead focus on convincing them about how the company will benefit the reader.

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